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Guide To Avoiding & Surviving Pedestrian Accidents In Miami

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There are about 2.58 deadly pedestrian accidents in Miami for every 100,000 residents each year. That number may seem a little high, and the truth is it is high, especially when compared to the rest of the country. Miami has been ranked the fourth most dangerous metro area for pedestrians. Pismo Beach car accident lawyer knows that every life matters, meaning it is important to take steps to prevent these kinds of tragedies, not to mention knowing what to do should an accident occur.


What Pedestrians Can Do To Avoid Accidents

Preventing pedestrian accidents in Miami is all about learning how to be safe while walking. Tony Denena Lawyer understands that there is no denying that walking is advisable for your health and just to unwind, but it could be dangerous in city areas. Cars are supposed to be vigilant and follow the laws, yet human error will always be a factor, so you should do your best to stay safe while walking.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are safe while walking about. For example, you need to ensure that you cross the street at intersections where it is designated for you to cross to the other side.

Jaywalking is one of those activities that puts you at risk, not to mention it is an illegal activity. Of course, it is a good idea to look all around you before and while crossing the street, even if the walk light is on. You never know when a driver might not be paying attention.

You should make sure that you wear reflective clothing at night or just highly visible colors like orange or bright yellows. A personal injury lawyer Laguna Hills knows that these colors make you and those with you a little more visible at night. Of course, it would be safer to avoid walking at night, but that is not always an option.

Make sure that you stick to walking on sidewalks or at least on the shoulder when sidewalks are not available. Perhaps, one of the most important things to remember is to walk against traffic so that your eyes are always on the incoming cars. Greenberg Law Firm reminds you that this gives you and those with you enough time to react should something go awry.

Try to make sure that you take a taxi if you have been drinking since your reflections might be a little impaired. Do not use your phone too much and avoid using noise-canceling headphones. You want your eyes on the road and your ears on alert just in case.

These are just some of the suggestions most experts like Attorney Boris Lavent advise pedestrians to observe. Do not forget that children and those in a wheelchair are most at risk, so take special care should your party have any of them.

Surviving a Pedestrian Accident in Miami

There is no doubt that a pedestrian will be in more danger during a pedestrian accident than the driver. Sure, you can do everything that you can to avoid an accident, but that does not mean one cannot happen. James Medows Law understands that this is why you should at least be prepared to try to survive one should you ever need to.

One of the most important suggestions is to protect your head. What you have to remember is any other injury to your body, while serious, is not as dangerous as a head injury could be. Protect the back of your head with your hands while your forearms surround your head during an accident. Rhett Braniff reminds you to try to ensure that your head is as far away from the incoming car as possible.

You can try to aim for the safety glass since most of these types of glasses are shatter-proof. This can almost absorb the impact, which is preferable than having the car run over you. Try to aim so that your shoulder, back, or even bottom is what receives most of the impact when aiming for the safety glass.

Those over at calahanlaw.com knows that it is better to just jump on the hood of the car if you see it coming without hitting the glass at all, but this might not always be possible.

How Drivers Can Avoid Hitting a Pedestrian in Miami

Attorney Craig Swapp  knows that what you have to do as a driver is simply be vigilant as you should always be. This means staying away from using a cell phone, a GPS system, a book, or any other distraction while driving. It is advisable that you let a side passenger know that it is his or her responsibility to help you scan the road as you drive.

It is always a good idea to follow the rules of the road, especially around schools or neighborhoods. Greenstein & Milbauer recommends that you want to try to drive a little slower in these areas or just extra careful, just in case. Ensure that your windshields and mirrors are free from debris or fogginess, which might interfere with your visual acuity.

Do not forget to signal whenever you are turning at an intersection. Be sure to make eye contact with pedestrians just to reassure them that you have seen them. Understand that certain weather conditions might make it harder for you to control your car, so slow down when it is raining, snowing, or when it is dusty. To learn more visit Apricot Law.

What To Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Miami

The next steps are crucial to everyone involved in pedestrian accidents in Miami. For one, calling for medical help for anyone hurt is very important. Be sure to help as much as you can but nothing beyond what you know, which usually means CPR.

Everyone involved should call insurance companies as well as lawyers from Colley & Colley Law Reviews just in case. It is important to exchange contact and insurance information between everyone involved. Remember that you do not want to admit any guilt at this point, especially if you intend to fight for compensation in any way. Admitting guilt can be something as small as just saying that you feel bad or guilty about the accident. So, let the lawyers talk or insurance companies talk for you to be safer should you need to take this accident to court. To learn more information visit or contact Wagner Law or Joel H. Schwartz.